& eContract


Everything you need to know

This guide tells you everything you need to know about the proposal and eContract, and renewal contract process.

The proposal and contract document should be relatively straight forward but this short guide is here to walk you through the process, give you an idea of what to expect and help you if you get stuck.

The Intro Area

This section welcomes you to and gives you more information about the business partner that's working with you to create the best telecoms deal and solution.

Tip: Click on the links to find out more about and the business partner supporting you.

Are these details correct?

You will find these yellow boxes throughout the proposal and eContract. Please tick the boxes to confirm that you’ve checked and are happy with the details in each section. You can't miss them - they are yellow with a red border!

Note: If you don't tick the box, you can't sign and submit the eContract!

Summary of monthly payments

This section shows you what to expect when it comes to your fixed, monthly payments.

Note: Hopefully there are no surprises here! The information should reflect what you have been discussing with your business mobile expert, but it's always worth double checking.

Breakdown of monthly payments

This section itemises the different tariffs, bolt-ons and extras that you've chosen following a discussion with your partner. It provides a full breakdown of costs for each service, tariff, bolt-on and extras you've requested.

Note: Please check this breakdown carefully as this is exactly what we'll be providing your business once the eContract is signed by both parties.

Your business details

This section concerns the trading information linked with your account. These details need to be completed accurately and in full. The business details you provide will be checked by our anti-fraud and credit control teams before we can authorise your eContract.

  • Editable (box)
    You can edit these boxes and save any changes using the SAVE button that appears directly underneath the editable area.
  • Verified (green)
    Details that have already been approved.
  • Required (red)
    Any missing information needs to be included before the contract can be submitted.
  • Uneditable (no box)
    Details that have been supplied by an approved third-party source (Companies House / Credit Safe).

Tip: It’s a good idea to double check your details – it helps the anti-fraud and credit checks come back a lot faster!

Proprietor or Director details

This section needs to be completed by a person who is associated with your business. The details need to be completed accurately and in full as they will be checked by our anti-fraud and credit control teams.

Tip: If you're a sole trader or any other type of non-limited company, this must be the proprietor of the business. Limited companies must select a director who is named on Companies House.


Once you are happy with the proposal and the details provided about your business, please read the contract and agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the boxes inside, or below, the contract.

Tip: Want to print the eContract and read it that way? No problem, this page is designed to be print friendly and display the entire contract in print mode.

Spending cap

From 1 October 2018, Customers must be informed and offered the opportunity to a set monthly Spend Cap in order to limit additional costs that fall outside of your standard, agreed monthly Charges. The information and ability to add a per-service Spend Cap is available as part of the Proposal and eContract. Customers with Gold and Platinum tariffs have the opportunity to add usage Spend Limits, which allow them to control their usage and spend with far more precision and flexibility.

Third-party access

To give your business partner access to your account so they can provide a proactive service and exceptional level of support, you need to grant them access to your account by ticking the box.

Tip: Granting third-party access also allows your business partner to protect your account against additional charges by setting spending limits on your usage. They will also be able to remove bars and investigate any questions you have about billing in greater detail.


This section is where you input your digital eSignature, your first and last name, email address and mobile number. The eContract must be signed by the proprietor, a named Director of the business or an authorised signatory.

Sign and Submit

The sign and submit section will become available as soon as you have ticked all the approval boxes and completed all of the required details.


You can print the proposal and eContract at any point directly from the web browser (you must be connected to a printer) by choosing 'PRINT' from your browser. After you sign and submit the eContract, you can print a signed copy for your records.

Note: eSignature is required, printing is for reference only

Payment and Billing

This is where you supply your payment and billing details. This section must be completed for us process your application.

Next steps

Once you have signed and submitted the eContract and completed your payment details, your application is checked by your business partner and then sent to for final approval by one of our directors. Your business partner will keep you updated and informed on the progress of your application.

Turnaround can be within 24 hours for relatively simple accounts but can take longer for larger accounts or businesses that have not been trading for very long.