Cancelling your contract

The following information was updated on 1 July 2019 following new regulations introduced by Ofcom.

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We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving us. is constantly pushing the boundaries to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity.

It may be that there’s a simple solution to the problems you’re having and that a quick chat will resolve the issues. If there’s anything we can do to make your experience better and stop you from leaving our experienced team of Customer Services experts are here to help.

But if you’d prefer to simply cancel your services, here’s everything you need to know to make cancelling your connection as easy as possible.

If you have any other questions or need help with cancelling your contract and cannot find the answers on this page, you can call +44(0)3300 88 18 18 or email [email protected].

How to cancel

You can cancel your contract with us at any time but it’s worth noting that if you do decide to cancel, you may be charged early termination fees.

To cancel your contract, please use one of the following channels:

  • Visit our online portal Our secure online portal will enable you to request a number transfer (PACs) or a disconnection.
  • Send us a text to one of the below numbers:
    • If you would like to request a PAC please text PAC to 65075 for free
    • If you would like to request a STAC please text STAC to 75075 for free
    • If you would like to make an information request, please text INFO to 85075 for free
  • Call 03300 88 18 18

The easiest way to cancel


Visiting go.plan is the simplest and most effective way to cancel your contract, regardless of how you wish to terminate your services or the number of services you wish to transfer or disconnect.

go.plan is a secure online portal and is designed specifically to provide all available options for each service on your account, process all termination requests and provide instant information about any related termination fees.

go.plango.plan Customer Guide


For the transfer process to complete, all authorisation steps must be completed and the PAC or STAC must be activated within 30 days of being issued.

Should I request a PAC, STAC or disconnection?

Transferring numbers to a new network provider (PAC)

If you wish to keep your existing number by transferring it to a new network, you can request a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC).

PAC codes must be used within 30 days, at which point they are redundant, and a new PAC must be generated by following the same procedure.


If you choose to cancel your contract by removing a service (or multiple services) from our network, you must provide 30 days’ notice. This applies even if you are outside of your minimum termination period (as outlined in your customer contract).

The easiest way to request a disconnection is via go.plan, which enables you to set a disconnection date and will immediately inform you about any related termination fees.


If you choose to cancel your contract by removing a service from our network and connect a new service on a different service with a new number, you can request a Service Termination Authorisation Code (STAC).

A STAC affords you exactly the same rights as a PAC except it will not transfer your number.

However, please be aware that your service(s) will not be disconnected from the network until the code has been received and activated by the new service provider. Therefore, you will continue to pay for the service up until that transfer has actually occurred.

Please note that to keep a number, it must be transferred – you cannot keep a number without it being transferred and all numbers will be put back into general circulation and may be used by a different customer at a later date.

Want to find out when your contract ends and any costs that may be payable?

You can request information about any charges (including termination fees) associated with transfer or disconnection requests without initiating a transfer or disconnection by visiting which will give you an immediate summary. Otherwise, you can text INFO to 85075 or call 03300 88 18 18.

Billing: what you need to know if you do decide to leave

You’ll be billed as normal until the date we disconnect or transfer your number.

Your final bill will be invoiced once your service has disconnected and we’ve calculated and reflected on your invoice any Termination Fees, accrued but unpaid monthly fixed charges, any additional accrued but unpaid call, text and data usage.

How long does it take to receive my PAC, STAC or Switching Information?

Business contracts work slightly different to a standard consumer contract as tariffs tend to be more complex which is why Ofcom’s lead times differ when it comes to issuing codes to business customers.

Here’s a breakdown of the methods you can request a PAC, the lead times for issuing you your PAC or STAC and how you will receive it.

Single service contract cancellations Multiple service contract cancellations (2-24 services) Multiple service contract cancellations (25+ services)
Free text1 Immediately if possible but otherwise within two working days (by phone or text)1
Email Two working days Two working days Ten working days
Phone Immediately if possible but otherwise within two hours (by phone or text) Immediately if possible but otherwise within two hours (by phone or text) Ten working days (by email)

1 You can only make requests by text if your contract is in respect of a single service. The text must be sent from the service relating to the request for it to be valid.

Who can request a PAC code or a disconnection?

To transfer (PAC) or disconnect a service, you must be the person who signed the contract or an authorised signatory on the account.

If you have been supplied a service by your business but did not sign the contract, you will not be able to transfer or disconnect the service. Similarly, if you work for the company but you are not the signatory or an authorised signatory, you will not be able to make a transfer or disconnection request so please contact your employer.

Terms and conditions

Validity of PAC/STAC

Both PAC and STAC codes must be activated within 30 days of issue, after which point they are redundant and a new PAC or STAC must be generated by following the same procedure. For the transfer process to complete, all authorisation steps must be completed and the PAC or STAC must be activated within 30 days of being issued.

Date of Disconnection

If you choose to cancel a service using either a PAC or STAC, that service will cease to on the date that the PAC or STAC is activated. For the transfer process to complete, all authorisation steps must be completed and the PAC or STAC must be activated within 30 days of being issued. Notwithstanding any terms in your contract, there will be no 30-day notice period for termination.

Costs of Termination

If you choose to cancel a service, you will be required to pay the aggregate of:

  • any Charges that have been accrued on the service up to and including the date of disconnection (including any fixed monthly service charges and any variable charges including roaming charges and any additional call, text or data (including roaming) charges and
  • any Termination Fee that may payable under any contract you have with or any of its affiliates, which shall be calculated from and including (i) the date of disconnection to (ii) the date that represents the end of any minimum Service Term under your contract; and
  • any Termination Fee that may be payable under any finance contract that you may have entered into with, an affiliate of or a finance company in respect of the financing of any equipment.

At the time of issuing your PAC or STAC (as applicable) we will notify you of any costs, fees or charges that you will be liable to pay if you do disconnect together with an explanation of any accrued costs, fees or charges that may not be able to be calculated until after the date we issued the PAC or STAC. In the case of single service contract cancellations, we will notify you via whichever method you chose to contact us. In the case of a multiple service contract we will notify you by email.

If you have multiple services but only wish to transfer or disconnect some of the services, you will still be charged termination fees but only for the services that are within their minimum contract term. In these cases, the termination fee will be proportional to the number of services being terminated.

"Termination Fee (or Early Termination Charges)" - if you are within your minimum contract term , you will be charged a termination fee equivalent to the monthly fixed charge multiplied by the remaining time until expiry of that minimum contract term. For example if your contract contains a 24-month Service Term and you have four months and 15 days remaining, your termination fee will be calculated as Fixed Monthly tariff x Four months and 15 days)

Here’s what you’re missing out on by leaving

Before you do leave, have you thought about the great reasons to stay?

Captive Pages

Captive Pages are web pages that give you all the information you need whenever a usage restriction – such as a data bar that prevents from using any more mobile data – is triggered.

Giving you the opportunity to remove the restrictions and keep them connected while staying fully in control of costs.


By being a customer you have complimentary access to my.plan, our industry-leading online portal.

my.plan allows you to access your account 24/7/365 where you can generate live interactive billing, have an insight into any current additional usage charges and manage our impressive range of bolt-ons and additional voice, text and data allowances you may need.

Spending caps
Spending Limit

Spending Limits control the amount of additional charges that can be incurred by a service by notifying you when a limit is being approached and reached and restricting the service so that it can no longer be used in a way that generates additional charges.

Alerts & Bars
Alerts & Bars

Alerts are a notifications that you receive when a usage level is reached.

Bars are restrictions that you can set against a service to prevent specific types of usage. There are data, voice and text bars, some of which prevent any form of usage, whereas some limit specific types of usage.

Spending caps
Best business network

We use the O2 network, voted the Best business network in 2019 – they are ahead of their game by offering the largest voice coverage across the UK and have achieved 98% 4G indoor coverage and 99% outdoor coverage – the only UK network to keep their 4G indoor coverage commitment to Ofcom.

Alerts & Bars
Our people

We have a team of experts based in the UK who provide phone and email-based support as and when it’s needed with phone lines open weekdays 7am - 8pm and weekends 8am - 5pm. We aim to respond to emails and voicemail within 24 hours.